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An Audit is a systematic examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization to ascertain how far the financial records present the fair and accurate picture of the concern organization.

Auditing is the highly complex process and it has to be done according to some predetermined standards which are set by the international bodies.

At FMCA, we perform audit process after analyzing the business requirements, its culture, its business model, its system, processes and then determine the type and extent of audit procedure depending upon the risks and controls we identify.

We look ahead to emerging conditions continually innovating in both outlook and standards to deliver our best.

We provide Auditing services to our clients across the UAE with our experienced Chartered Accountants in this field who strive to provide essential guidance for the success of your company.

Our Auditing Services will include the following:

VAT Registration & Compliance Requirement

Earlier Businesses in UAE had no reporting requirements, but the implementation of VAT in UAE had changed the dynamics and it is imperative for the business to be well versed with the VAT compliance requirements with the UAE laws. But the problem is with its complexities that it needs to be managed by some expert and our team of experienced professionals provides you with the audit services complying with the new VAT regulations to keep your company ahead in this business environment.  

Internal Controls as per the COSO Framework

COSO framework was designed to help businesses establish, assess and enhance their internal control. In our auditing process we will be carrying out internal control across the organization which will be comprised of integrity, ethical values, governance oversight responsibility, identifying and assessing the risks and many more to preserve and realize the value of your business.

Risk Management

At FMCA, we will be identifying and managing the risk by analyzing the possible sources of risks such as nature of business operations, economic, political, legal and technological environment. We will be bringing the systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and improve the effectiveness of risk management and strive to give you the best advice to leave you with minimum residual risk.

Investigation Audit Services

With our investigation audit service, we help your businesses to unveil the financial irregularities through the proper examination of the financial records. We help trace the irregularities so that there is no damage to the goodwill of your company. We are a team of experienced chartered accountants who can even find the loopholes in your existing system if there is any. All these help to keep the track of the assets and liabilities of your company and present an accurate report to our clients which help them further take strategic decision for their business.

Over the years, Audit has become mandated by the UAE law and with the years of experience in providing outstanding services to our client, FMCA has gained expertise in their work. We are known for delivering the brilliant services to our client and best advice ensuring the compliance with the UAE rules and regulations.

We are also having expertise in VAT consultancy services and Finance & Accounting Services. Book your free consultation today to get any of these services.