FMCA is passionate about helping family-owned businesses leverage their unique strength and qualities while navigating their challenges. We have a team of specially trained family business consultants who are passionate about helping members of the family, and other stakeholders, understand their options. With a focus on preserving the business for future generations, FMCA ensures that there is a balance between ownership, management, and family dynamics of family-owned businesses. We assist our clients in understanding what the future holds and we also support them in making decisions which combine their individual goals with their family traditions and values. We adopt processes which offer a diligent way to create durable governance structures and effective policies for family businesses.

At FMCA, we assist families in identifying their shared purpose – what they are striving to achieve, enabling the family members to have enough glue to bond in their investment. We also take pride in identifying the unique roles if each member of the family in the business (based on their individual capability and capacity). Our aim is to assist families and their businesses in achieving their long-term goals. We strive hard to optimize family positive forces while minimizing conflicts and perturbations.