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Vat Consultancy Services in Abu Dhabi

VAT is the form of indirect tax which is levied on the consumption of goods and services at each point of sale. It is collected by the businesses and account for the tax on the behalf of the government.

With the new VAT system in the place, companies in UAE with annual revenues over AED 375,000 are obliged to register under the VAT system and will accordingly be taxed.

We at FMCA will help you overcome the complex and time-consuming VAT rules, regulations and compliance issues with our competent and experienced staff. We provide the comprehensive and affordable VAT compliance services to business owners to help them trade locally and globally within the legal framework. We are the leading company in Abu Dhabi providing the one stop solution to all your VAT requirements. We will be assisting you in all the VAT compliance requirements to avoid the last minute burden of non-compliance issues.

Our VAT Services will include the following:

VAT Registration & Compliance Requirement

Today, understanding the intricacies of the rules and amending your systems to comply with the legislative requirements has become quite a  big challenge, particularly in the context of the environment. Previously, many businesses have had no previous experience with reporting and paying taxes. But now, we help you in all these to keep you stress-free and to avoid non-compliance penalties. With our experienced and qualified team of Chartered Accountants, we provide the best and affordable VAT compliance services to our clients all over the UAE for the smooth running of the day to day activities of trading locally and cross borders.

VAT Implementation

VAT is complex but we can help you address these challenges with our comprehensive approach. Our team of professionals will help in all the phrases of VAT implementation with proper advice and recommendation for managing your VAT compliance. We will be developing an action plan for implementation including the key compliance, documentation, consideration of VAT registration and grouping option.

Online Procedure for VAT Return Filing

It is the official tax document to be submitted to the federal tax authority of the country before the due date. It should show the details of any output tax due and input tax recoverable with the all the other information required by the format. Our team of experts keep themselves up to date with the UAE compliance laws and provide the complete assistance VAT return filing so that you can focus on your business and we take care of your compliance in the most cost-effective manner.

VAT Refund Services

Zero-rated products and services are VAT taxable at 0%. It includes basic health and educational services, the first sale or rent of the residential building, goods, and services exported outside the GCC etc. All these services come under the VAT refund policies. So any tax paid on these services has to get refunded. And at Fahad Masood Tax Consultancy, with our experienced staff who are familiar with all these legal laws help you in getting benefits of VAT refund policy.

VAT Advisory Services

VAT is so complex that it makes difficult to take the instant decisions and crucial steps according to your business model. So at this point of a time, VAT advisory services and assistance become necessary for securing your business prospect. And to fulfill your this need Fahad Masood tax consultancy is available for you. With our team of chartered accountants who are always updated with the every necessary feature and vital point of concern related to the VAT, provides you with expert advice on Output VAT, Input VAT, Zero rated supply, Standard rate supply, Exempt supply, Reverse charge mechanism and many more that can impact your business unit.

VAT Training

VAT training in UAE that will help gain extensive and exhaustive knowledge in the field of VAT compliance and how it affects the pricing and invoicing structures of the business. When it comes to VAT training in Dubai, you can trust us as your partners mentoring your staff in the successful adoption of VAT practices in your business and be 100% compliant. Our team is involved in every stage of the process followed by a post-adoption review and continuously updating you about the amendments to the laws.

VAT Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is the process of recording the systematic and well-organized record of every financial transaction on the day to day basis. A company has to maintain three types of bookkeeping accounts in order to record the VAT related transactions. They are:

  1. VAT on inputs account
  2. VAT on transactions accounts
  3. VAT Debit/ Credit account

In this world of competition when the burden of maintaining these records along with your business becomes difficult, one should delegate its work to some expertise in the field. This is the reason we are here. Our VAT bookkeeping experts have years of experience in this field and can maintain records without any error with 100% perfection so that you can focus on your business and rest we will take care.

VAT Accounting Firm

Our team of experienced Chartered Accountants which caters to the need of all type of business in the UAE will also be helping you in VAT Accounting which will be including activities such as preparation of the VAT invoices, installation of proper accounting software which will segregate VAT sales and tax calculation, Managing your accounts books, preparing your tax calculation etc.

UAE VAT Exemption – Financial Services

VAT exemptions in UAE are given for certain financial services, educational, medical and residential services. We at FMCA will provide you with the proper guidance and advisory on the various exemption list that your business can enjoy while VAT compliance.

VAT Penalties

The VAT fines and penalties are given under the new VAT legislation. These penalties underline the value of ensuring the VAT records are correct and up to date and all the VAT payments owing are made before the due date. We can help you in avoiding all these penalties by our expert guidance and timely compliance. So don’t let your business suffer due to these penalties. Try our services today and get the free consultation.

Businesses today have to make a lot of changes or even have to restructure their core operations in some cases, to fully comply with the VAT regime. And hiring the experts and smart resources are costly and difficult to find. But don’t worry as we are here for all your VAT compliance and management needs at an affordable cost.

We can also manage your Finance & Accounting  Services and Internal Audit Services. Consult us today for any of these services.