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“Excellence above all else”

Company overview

FMCA has a tenacious team of Consultant in Abu Dhabi and is also certified as chartered accountant organization that supports all sizes of companies by giving all types of services such as consultation for Value Added Tax (VAT) and accounting to prepare them for submitting their documents. Furthermore, as tax consultant in Abu Dhabi, we also provide enhanced and accurate bookkeeping services in Abu Dhabi.
Although as Chartered Accountant in Abu Dhabi we will provide you with the maximum support to your business by dramatically reducing your expenses. Our high-quality tax consultants and Chartered Accounting Firm guarantee the highest rate of efficiency reachable for your business. We offer all-round financial services and deal with all the financial entanglements so that you don’t have too.

We are one of the top tax consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with qualified and experienced financial tax advisor and accountants, which provide the best bookkeeping and other financial services of the highest calibre.
We at FMCA provide a full leeway in computerized accounting services, bookkeeping services for companies who always require a proper and complete set of financial services
As an accounting service business owner we also work on many other importunate things other than just keeping the book records. As the prominent tax consultant in Abu Dhabi, UAE we will always provide you with the quality of work and access to professional accountants.
AT FMCA, you will always be free from every kind of uncertainty related to your accounts, because our team will take up all your accounts work which will also help you to go back to your work and generate the surplus amount of profits in your business.
Being professional tax consultant in Abu Dhabi, our first choice is to always deliver on time work to our clients and exceed their expectations. We have trained our professionals with only one intention and i.e uncompromising commitment towards work, technical service standards and ethics which are the bedrock of client satisfaction.
At FMCA we believe that in this ever-changing world, there is a dire need for a steady hand to guide your business, and with us, all your accountant work will be given to our professional and qualified team of tax consultants in Abu Dhabi and they will satisfy you with impeccable work and ethics. Because at FMCA we put excellence above all else.

chartered accountant firm in abu dhabi
  • Financial Statements

    Presentation of true and fair business financial health

  • Saving money

    We help you save the maximum amount of money with our services

  • Scalability options

    Outsourcing the bookkeeping operations allows the entrepreneurs to expand in the blink of an eye.

  • Get the Business Audited

    We Assist the management to get their Business Audited

  • Investments

    Let your money grow with the help of our experienced Fund Managers

  • Budgeting& Management Reporting

    Annual Budgeting and evaluating the expansion of the business