Who We Are

Fahad Masood Chartered Accountant & Co is one of the leading companies that focus on the provision of 1st world auditing, financial reporting, risk assurance, regulation, and corporate governance in the MENA region. As a growth-oriented firm, FMCA offers guidance and support that helps our clients move forward, seamlessly reaching their organizational goals. Our industry specialists understand a wide variety of marketplaces; thus, we can help business owners make the most of emerging opportunities while minimizing compliance headaches. Our years of experience and expertise in significant regulatory and public policy issues affecting business coupled with the adoption of strategic innovations have resulted in our steady growth and development. Ranked among the best accounting and consulting firms in the country, FMCA takes pride in offering solutions which are aimed at influencing the growth ability of businesses. Global corporations, government entities, private businesses, emerging firms, as well as start-ups and successful individuals can always rely on us to guide them forward to sustainable growth.

Our Team

At FMCA, our team consists of seasoned professionals with experience, expertise, skills, character, and zeal to always meet and even exceed our clients’ expectations. Acquiring years of experience and expertise in the business world, our team brought to FMCA a tradition of service, excellence, and professionalism. Today, our team continues to foster an inclusive workplace with an entrepreneurial spirit and the free flow of ideas. This gives us limitless opportunities, flexibility and agility to assist our clients to thrive in the rapid and constantly evolving global economy. We consistently push beyond the benchmark in order to achieve unprecedented results in all our activities. Our team is passionate about making sustainable differences for our clients, communities, and firms. FMCA ensure that all its clients have access to the knowledge and skills needed to be the most relevant in their industry.

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